Guerilla gardening … veg patch on the common

May 6, 2014

Guerilla gardening on the Common …

You may have noticed that some rather enterprising soul has taken advantage of the redundant tree guard to the right of the Green Dragon bridge and started a small veg patch.

It’s the first time this has happened on the Common and makes great use of the space inside one of the soon to be removed tree guards where tree planting had failed due to vandalism.

However, we’re informed by one of the City Council Green Spaces Officers that the garden is to be removed shortly. Which is the right thing to do, Stourbridge Common is now a Local Nature Reserve as well as being common land and a shared public space and as such can’t be dug up by individuals for private purposes. It sets a precedent which just isn’t tenable.

FoSC committee member Ellie Stoneley is talking about the guerilla veg patch on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on 6th May, and the rows of very neatly planted potatoes (we think) have attracted wider attention across the internet and from passers by.


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