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There are many ways to get involved with the Friends of Stourbridge Common:

Follow us on Twitter @FofSC

Join us on Facebook: there are two ways …

Friends of Stourbridge Common facebook group – join the group

Friends of Stourbridge Common facebook page … simply Like the page

We will be putting more and more information up here and are looking to share information and discussion on the Facebook page.

and you can leave a comment or question here and we will get back to you.

We welcome enquiries on membership, about the Common, about rowing alongside it, walking along it, cycling through it, the biodiversity, stories and history of the Common and so on …


5 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Ian Manning says:


    I met some of you at the litter pick, and we had a brief chat about your coming to or AGM, which is now confirmed as being on the 22nd October.

    Is there any chance you could contact me to see if we can arrange something?

  2. e11ie5 says:

    absolutely Ian … we would be delighted to help promote the event as well

  3. Noni says:

    I shant address you as friends of the common because I dont believe that you are,rather a group of meddling morons ,who know nothing about nature,commons or ordinary people. All safely tucked up in your boring middle class homes,with ingnorance oozing out of every pore. Not seeing what is realy happening around you,or not careing. Because some people in this country are seriously struggling to make ends meet. Although we are much luckier here than many people in the north,people are going hungry. Regulary going without food,as not everyone lives off social security,believe it or not. But I expect you are the smug do gooders who support Amnesty international and Oxfam,anything rather than get your hands dirty,with people close at hand. Not noticing that there many people in this country who need help,like our own old people. Common land is meant for commoners ,not people like you to play god,or extend your gardens. This is because many needed it to survive,but today all our rights have been taken away. With nature reserves set up by people like you,who dont begin to understand nature. People like you who waste our money on a busy part of the river which has been man made to carry traffic. Trying to take it back to nature,when it will only erode and get washed away. It didnt work at Byrons pool,and there is no wash from boats racing past there. Nature likes to be left alone not meddled with. All the beautiful trees along the river bank have been hacked about and ruined,thanks to you idiots. Countless wild flowers destroyed,piles of rubbish left behined and people have lost the hard path along the rivers edge.Benches have been ripped out and not replaced are ropped off. But I dont expect you even noticed,to busy with petty grievences,like some one growing a few potatoes,in disused tree guard,left behined when the tree died from neglect and being placed to close to existing trees by some so called expert,much like youselves. It is so obvious you have absolutly no idea how to ensure the common is managed so it benifits all people,animals and wildlife. Not only narrow minded,short sighted individuals like yourselves. How selfish and ignorant can you be.
    A very disgusted common user.

    • FoSC says:

      Thanks for getting in touch … Just for clarification, The Friends of Stourbridge Common do not manage the Common, tree policy, or the river banks, but simply seek to promote protection of the Common within established frameworks. The riverbank restoration is a Cambridge City Council project designed to replace concrete piling that had come to the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced, and native species are being replanted there. The disruption there to the pathways is temporary and we’ve been told that the they are looking into the the removal of the damaged bench and outstanding tree works.
      You’d be very welcome to come along to one of our AGMs which are are well attended and have included talks by the Wildlife Trust and representatives of the Council and offer a chance to air opinions.

  4. Noni says:

    Hello can you tell me if you had any input on the information board as I’m interested to find out more about the cranberries which used to be grown in the fens .

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