What are your thoughts on the idea of a new bridge?

An open meeting to discuss a new bridge over the River Cam has been organized by Ian Manning, Cambridgeshire County Councillor for East Chesterton.

The bridge, which would form part of the so-called Chisholm Trail, would provide a link to the new Chesterton/Science Park rail station and could potentially have impact on Stourbridge Common.

The meeting will be held on 18 July from 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm at the Shirley School in Nuffield Road.  It will be run as a drop-in event, where Cllr Manning and county council officers will be on hand to discuss the issues and options.  Friends of Stourbridge Common are urged to go along and provide their input on:

· visual appearance of the bridge
· location of the bridge
· the location of the ‘landing’ points (i.e., should the bridge serve The Hallingway, Fen Road, etc.)
· design of the landpoints (i.e., steep or long slopes)

Residents will also be asked to look at the bridge in its wider context, such as considering onward journeys north via the new station and Chesterton and south of the river via Stourbridge Common and Newmarket Road.


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