Commenting on the demolition of Penny Ferry / PIke and Eel pub

As you may know, there are plans to demolish the Penny Ferry public house (the former Pike & Eel, at 110 Water Street/Fen Road)  and to replace this old building with five new houses.  The original application was approved, but since then the site (as well as Stourbridge Common itself) has been put into The Riverside and Stourbridge Conservation Area, and so a new application for demolition and site clearance has been made.


If you would like to object to this application, it is not too late.  The City Council’s website (where you can usually use an automated comment form) indicates that the consultation period is closed, but in fact the date has been pushed back to 11 May.  The Friends of Stourbridge Common has filed an objection, but the more voices the better!


You may submit comments directly to John Evans, Planning Officer at


Put as your email subject line: “Objection to application No 12/0428/CAC”

(Application is for the demolition of the Penny Ferry public house and clearance of site).


There are numerous grounds on which to object: the loss of semi-public space by the edge of the river, the loss of another pub in Chesterton, the disruption to a beautiful landscape and vista that will occur (particularly when walking on the Common, which is now a Conservation Area). National Planning Policy Guidance says that demolition in a conservation area should only occur if there are acceptable detailed plans for the redevelopment of the site, and it is not clear that there are acceptable plans, as a row of large houses looming over the Common would have major impact on the views from the Common and for many would not be an acceptable plan.


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